STARS Steak Fundraising Event

Good afternoon everyone!

We are happy to announce that will be taking part in a fundraising event for STARS.

For those who are unaware of what STARS is,  it is a growing non-profit organization that helps those who maybe critically ill or injured by providing them with a safe, rapid, highly-specialized emergency medical transport system.

For small villages like Sedley, organizations like STARS are very critical. But just like how we may rely on STARS to help us when we are in need, STARS does so too.

On May 6th, 2016 at 6:30 pm at Sedley Hotel, help show your support to the organization that are always here to serve us! Come on out for an 8 Oz. Angus Steak, baked potato, salad, and beverage to help with STARS’ cause!

For more information regarding STARS, please visit


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