A Look At Our Menu

After being away from the community for a while now, we are happy to say that the menu is now available online. Please use either Facebook or the website to: place take-out orders, be informed about price changes and/or new food items being sold.

Sedley Hotel Menu

(Updated as of April 19th, 2020)

Menu Update #2:

The Family Update

If you have been eating inside recently for the last several months (before COVID-19’s impact) you may have noticed our menu has changed – a complete overhaul. This update is past due online, so we are making the necessary changes now.

Here is a break down:

  • Added “Hot Beef” to the “Sandwiches & Wraps” section.
  • Added “Make Your Own/MYO Pizza” to the “Pasta & Pizza” section.
  • Added “Pork Cutlet” to the “From Grill” section.
  • Added “Mushroom Swiss Burger” to the “From Grill” section.
  • Added “Vegetable Spring Rolls” to the “From Deep Fryer” section.
  • Added new “Sides/Subs” section that outlines prices for sides and drinks.

(Updated as of May 5th, 2017)

Menu Update

  • Kid’s Menu: There have been lots of demand for a “Kid’s Menu” for families that want to dine at Sedley Hotel – we have now implemented this.
  • HAP Burger: By removing the Hungry Burger, we have added in the “HAP Burger,” which we think will be a good addition to our menu.
  • Other Various Price Changes

Menu Gallery

(Updated as of May 11th, 2018)

In addition to the menu being uploaded, we are also thinking of having a “menu gallery” for our customers to be able to see what they are paying for before they arrive at Sedley Hotel. Please remember this is a work in progress, so not all menu items will available on this post – but we do hope to get as many (if not all) items on here for our customers!

Baby Back Ribs, $21.99 
Caesar Salad, $7.99
Caesar Salad, $8.99
Deep-Fried Ice Cream, $5.95
Deep-Fried Ice Cream, $6.99
Cheesecake, $6.99
IMG-20160323-WA0002 [51383]
Fish N’ Chips, $14.99
Poutine (with homemade gravy), $7.99
8 Oz. Sirloin Steak, $16.99
Nachos (with black olives, jalapeno peppers, diced tomatoes, green onion & mixed cheese), $16.99 (Please note that  ground beef does not come with a regular order of Nachos, it is extra)
Kid’s Burger(s), $6.99
20170401_190633 (1)
Baked Lasagna, $14.99
Greek Salad
Greek Salad, $9.99
Onion Rings,  $6.99


Bacon Double Cheese Burger, $14.99

4 thoughts on “A Look At Our Menu

  1. I have to say I have not been disappointed at all . I have had a few different servings and enjoyed every bite . Great service and food . And hospitality is wonderful . 😊


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  3. The Hot Hamburger Sandwich was delicious!. I never order burgers at a restaurant, but this was a great choice for me tonight. Make sure you go in and try the new special ” Beef Wrap & home made fries ” . It was definitely enjoyed by Jacques as well. Food is always brought ‘ hot ‘ to the table in a timely fashion and served with a smile. Our meals have always been flavourful and tasty each time and we have never been disappointed. Thank you. We enjoyed our meals very much tonight.


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