A Re-Launch?

Hello Residents of Sedley!


Photo Courtesy: Hasan Ahmed, Sedley

As of recently, we have taken over the Sedley Hotel in the hopes of delivering a place that you can call your second home. Under new owner and management, we will be changing up the menu, the bar, and the hotel hours in order to do this.

We have done some research and have discovered that this place, Sedley Hotel, may have not had the best “track record” with its residents. We are aware of this – however, we are here to gain back that trust slowly over the days to come.

In case you missed the memo, we have started to also make flyers to get the word around town. Hopefully you’ll take them as an “invitation,” and are willing to give the hotel another shot.


The actual date and time is of the “re-launch” is still in the works, but we are serving food at the moment in order to get some customers coming back into the hotel. If you have some time, please do stop by and order something off our makeshift menu.


Also feel free to contact us to provide your input of what you would like to see added or changed at Sedley Hotel by either commenting below, or through the following:

Email: hotelsedley@gmail.com

Phone: 306-515-2924

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sedleyhotel


Sedley Hotel Managment




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