The Follow Up: Open Mic Night ✭

Good evening everyone!

We hope you are doing well so far! We just thought we would just provide a follow up to the performances that were done during the Open Mic Night held on April 8th of this year.

First of all, for those individuals who took the time to perform at this event, we are very thankful and appreciate it! Everyone was absolutely amazing and outstanding! Furthermore, we would like to give a big thank you to Mr. Brad Brown for taking it upon himself to organize as well as perform in this event!

After some editing and a lot of patience, we are happy provide a glance as to what type of events are being held at Sedley Hotel via our amazing community base.

Some Housekeeping Items:

Privacy Concerns:

As much as this video promotes various people’s talents, there’s also the concern of whether or not performers (and the audience alike) may have privacy concerns. We respect all our customer’s privacy and beliefs. If anyone has an issue with being recorded in this video, please send us an e-mail at so we can take steps in order to resolve it.

Editing Process:

To be clear, not all of the performances were recorded simply because of file corruption and bad timing. We apologize for any missing video as a result of this.

We hope you all have a good summer!


– Sedley Hotel Management

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